What This is All About

Have you ever read a book that made you want to climb out of your chair and hop on a plane? What about a movie with scenery so beautiful you wanted to see it for yourself? Or are you a person who loves adventure, but can’t always just get up and go on a trip every weekend? Maybe you’re someone who loves to discover the hidden stories of a location when you travel? If any of these apply to you then this is a website you will enjoy.

We’ve scoured bookshelves and movie libraries around the world to bring together a collection of books and movies that will inspire you, excite you, and take you on a journey—without ever leaving your home or spending a dime (depending on how you get your book/movie, of course).

Depending on which book I pick up, I can find myself transported to a market in Istanbul inundated by crushing noises and smells or sitting on a sandy beach in Australia with a blue ocean extending as far as I can see. A movie might invite me to a jungle in Costa Rica or on a safari to Kenya.  And since all I'm doing is picking up a book or a movie, my time and budget allow for all of these travels.

When I do find myself heading out on a “real” adventure to discover a new place, I always do some research first…but not just choosing a hotel or finding a guidebook, I read a book—not just a book, but a story. I find a biography of the country’s hero, a delightful foray of an expatriate into a new life in my destination, or something that takes me into the lives of locals. If I don’t have time for a book, I turn to a movie (or two!) that also tell me a story, that lead me on an adventure, and shows me a different side of my upcoming destination.

If you’re looking for a novel to prepare you for your upcoming trip to Italy or a movie to remind you of your recent trip to Japan, use this site and find what you need.